The Richton Park Public Library has permantently closed its 4045 Sauk Trail location on 8/21/2014 and will reopen at a new location 22310 Latonia Lane, also in Richton Park on Saturday, 9/27/14 at 10:00 a.m.


What is SWAN?

SWAN is a multi-type library consortium of 77 public, special, and academic libraries with a combined collection of 1.4 million unique titles and 7.9 million volumes that grows larger every day. There are 181 languages (from Arabic to Zulu) represented in our diverse and comprehensive catalog. SWAN's mission is "to improve service in member libraries by sharing resources, technology, and a planned process of individual and collective growth".

In support of our mission, SWAN libraries have seamlessly shared over 3 million items through interlibrary loan transactions and patrons' visits to neighboring libraries in this fiscal year.

The SWAN foreign language title of the month is Hē ypoptlē (Silk Confessions) by Joanne Rock in Greek.

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